Vasota Fort Trekking and Camping

Vasota Fort is one of the famous forts for trekking in the Sahyadri. Vasota Fort trek in Maharashtra is known as one of the best treks of this region because of its wilderness and beauty. As the fort is situated near Konya Wild Life Sanctuary, the fort is surrounded by thick forests and river which makes the destination an ideal one for trekkers to delve into its beauty and forget about the distance they cover. Associated with Maratha history this fort still has its historical charm which gives time to Trekkers to explore the fort and go for sightseeing after reaching the top of the fort. The fort also offers breathtaking view of the Konya Backwaters and the forests of the wildlife sanctuary.

Nageshwar Temple

Vasota Fort is situated in dense forests surrounded by river. It is also known as Vyaghrapada. It’s believed that a disciple of Vasistha, a sage by the name Agasti, came to reside on a mountain on the banks of river Koyana. He named the mountain after his mentor. Later the mountain was fortified and converted into a military station. This fort is so remote that rarely there used to be any military action here hence it As its a jungle trek, ensure that you remain in your group all the time. The jungle is filled with wild animals like wild dogs, sloth bears, leopards and even tigers.

Triveni Sangam Sangam is the spot you must visit once

Beautiful serene feeling when you are at the center of the three rivers... There are three rivers koyna, kandati and tapola is very beautiful and amazing place. With the 90 km long reservoir of the Koyna backwaters right at the door step, boating is one of the most popular activities that bms boat club shembadi offers. Many picturesque spots like the shembadi Island, Triveni Sangam etc has been identified where the guests are taken to for sightseeing during a boating trip.

Kass Pathar

Kaas plateau is a plateau located near Satara. It is situated high hill plateaus and grasslands turns into a 'valley of flowers' during monsoon season, particularly from August to early October. Kaas Plateau has more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses. The orchids bloom here for a period of 3–4 weeks during this season. Kaas plateau is a World Natural Heritage site, part of the Sahyadri Sub-cluster.

Tapola - Mini Kashmir

Tapola sits at the convergence of the Koyana and Solshi rivers, and is a complete blend of natural beauty, seasonal waterfalls, mountains, tranquility, greenery, invigorating air and pristine ambience. The view of Koyana river on one side and Solshi river on the other, is really beautiful. 6 hours driving distance from Mumbai (290 km) or 5 hours from Kolhapur (200 km) or 4 hours from Pune (150 km) make it ideal for longer stay.Always dreamt of travelling to Kashmir and experiencing the hills and valleys? Well, save a trip and head to Tapola near Mahabaleshwar instead. Known as mini Kashmir, Tapola is a hub for tonnes of fun activities. Read on to find out how you can spend an entire day in and around Tapola.Located around 28 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar.

Tapola Boating

The dam is the biggest in Maharashtra - known as 'Shivsagar' which stretches 90 km long and serves as a water reservoir to the Koyana Dam. Shivsagar Lake and river camps are major tourist attractions here. Shivsagar dam is very popular for motor boats, which are available with nominal charges. Motorboats, Speed boats and scooter rides are the popular boating means; others enjoy kayaking and swimming. There are many unknown forts in deep forests around the lake.

Chakdeo Parvat

Chakdev is Situated in dense forests surrounded by Koyna river. Chakdev stands tall midst the evergreen forests of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and mesmerizes you with its beauty. There is an entire village on the mountain top with old Lord Shiva Temple; this village is very clean and scenic. It’s a Very famous Jungle trek via ladder route. Mahimandangad is also ancient fort in Maharashtra, it’s a very beautiful trek, and You can

Koyna Sanctuary

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and natural World Heritage Site, which is located in Satara district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Further, this wildlife sanctuary is designated as an Important Bird area. The sanctuary is nested in the Western Ghats, covering an area of around 423.55 km2 (163.53 sq mi), and elevations ranging from 600 to 1,100 m (2,000 to 3,600 ft). It was notified in 1985 as a wildlife sanctuary situated in Maharashtra.


The Bamnoli is situated at the adge of koyna dam about 35km. from satara.However, this place has become familiar with boating due to the village's environment to tourists .more than thousand peoples visit here for enjoyble boating. Bamnoli 12 kms from Kaas Plateu and is hidden in green valley of flowers and untouched but can be reached through scenic and skill full drive of winding roads. Many tourists who come to Kaas plateu are not aware of this palce and just return from there but Bamnoli can be a good option to enjoy the drive and then boating.

Manai Devi Temple

Shri Manai Devi Temple is located at Devachi Shembadi Village of Javli Taluka in Satara. It is situated in scenic environment of Shembadi village. The temple is very beautiful. There is an impressive view on this shore and there is a pleasant view. It is about 33 kms. from Satara city. Temples interior is very beautiful. This is very serene and religious place. This place is very holy and most important thing it's awaken. Devotees celebrate all festivals with full of devotion. Many tourists who come to Kaas plateu are not aware of this palce and just return from there but Devachi Shembadi Datta Mandir can be a good option to enjoy the drive and then boating.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had extended his kingdom on the banks of rivers Nira and Koyana. In order to safeguard this area of his kingdom, he felt need to have a well-built fort. This fort is called Pratapgad . As per the records in the history, Pratapgad fort was built in the year 1657. Pratapgad is situated at 8 kilometres, west of Mahabaleshwar, in Jawali taluka of North Satara district. The fort is built on the mound named Deparya, between Par and Kineshwar towns. On way from Mahabaleshwar to Mahad, there is a place called Kumroshi. From there, it is a journey of half an hour. It is difficult to climb fort. The fort is situated in the area called Jawali forest. Renowned poet Govind described the environments around fort Pratapgad in very lucid words.

Bhambavli Vajrai

Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall is the tallest waterfall of India. The height of this waterfall is 1840 ft (560m) and it falls from a straight cliff having three steps (stages). The water for waterfall comes from the river Urmodi. It is origin of river Urmodi. The waterfall is situated in district of Satara in western Maharashtra. It is about 5 km away from well-known Kas Flower Valley and 2 km away from Bhambavli Flower Valley. The lush green mountains and the flowers in nearby flower valley please your senses. The pleasant weather actually relaxes you like anything. But the star attraction of this place is tranquility. The place is simply deserted and there are no hawkers, unwanted guides and cameramen to disturb you. The waterfall is perennial in nature and hence you will hardly find any day when it’s gone dry (flows 12 months in a year).

Ek Mukhi Datta Mandir Shembadi

Datta Mandir is a famous place in Satara region. Datta Mandir is famous for their Lord Ek Mukhi Datta. Usually lord Datta has 3 faces but in Datta Mandir there is Ek Mukhi Datta. The statue of Lord Ek Mukhi Datta is very beautiful. The idol of Lord Dattatreya here in the sanctum is different from the idols that we see otherwise. You can also see the Padukas i.e. footwear of Lord Datta here.